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101 Republic Clothing Co., Preserving Local

101 Republic
is a family-owned brand built on community and collaboration. We create locally-inspired original designs for clothing and accessories that embody the traditions of our unique coastal lifestyle. We screen print and decorate all our apparel and accessories by hand at our home studio in Leucadia, Encinitas.

Our brand is a collection of a lifetime of experiences and work, culminating in a dream to create and share art that emotes that feeling the ocean and coastal lifestyle brings us on a daily basis.

We launched 101 Republic as an outlet for creativity and an opportunity to connect with our community on a different level. To bring back fading traditions and preserve our local beach culture. A chance to remember why we live here, to step back and appreciate the raw beauty that adds an almost inexplainable energy and connectivity to everyone who is part of it.

This place is special and most certainly deserves the homage that we so feebly attempt to capture in all of our work. Whether it's a panoramic that visually connects us to our favorite beach or a t-shirt that represents how this place makes us feel. We love to exist here, raise our children here, and will continue to add something to the fabric of this place by honoring what we have now and preserving the culture that made it what it is today.

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